1975 when the replacement of mechanical equipment on the petrolstations started and all night open servicestations with noteacceptors and cardsystems were introduced on the Swedish market, the company El-Duo i Göteborg AB was founded. The name was then changed to NPS Service AB. Already from the start, the buisness aimed towards technical equipment, terminals, electronic selfservice system and card systems.


1979 NPS introduced, together with one of the three largest manufacturers of petrol station related equipment, Tatsuno Corp. Ltd, the first card systems for Swedish BP and UNO-X in Sweden.


1981 We started, after an agreement with Tatsuno Corp. Ltd., production of electronic petrol and diesel dispensers for the Swedish market. The production was situated in Falkenberg in the southwest of Sweden. The first years the activity, mainly concisted of rebuilding existing mechanical dispensers where the counter was replaced with an electronic retrofit unit. This meant that the oilcompanies could have an updated modern electronic dispenser, with all the advantages, to a very low cost.


1984 the first new dispenser was produced with an NPS developed design, equipped with hydraulics and electronics from Tatsuno.  Up until the year 2000, around 2 600 dispensers have been delivered to Sweden, Denmark, Polen, Russia and Litauen.


1986 in connection with Norsk Hydro Olje AB's acquisition of Mobil Oil, NPS Service AB was requested to rebuild all dispensers to the new design.


1987 NPS Service introduced, in cooperation with the american company OPW, a vapour recovery system for the Swedish market.


1988 NPS Service signed their first service contract with Norsk Hydro, UNO-X and Swedish BP. Maintenance and service of technical equipment on petrol stations are today the mainpart of our buisness. NPS Service AB are today responsible for ca. 900 petrolststations in Sweden and have a nationwide network of technichians.


1991 NPS Service was commisioned, together with Swedish Defence, to develope a complete system for fuel management. The commision lasted for three years and a system with bar code reader instead of strip cards was developed. Parallel with the development of equipment for stationary systems on the regiments, a system for field use, with portable PC was developed. A system for transfer of data by GSM, from locations all over the country, where there is no acess to electricity or phonelines, was constructed by the use of windmills and solarcells.


1995 NPS Service constructed and delivered to Russia, the first complete service station combined with a motel. The station is located ca 300 km south of Murmansk in Russian Karelen. The station was the first one on the main road between Murmansk and St.Petersburg, a distance of 1000 km. 


1996 NPS Service constructed and delivered their first service station in Vilnius, Litauen.


1998 NPS Service constructed and delivered the first CNG/biogas dispenser to Norsk Hydro in Gothenburg. Up until today, NPS has delivered over 100 dispensers for CBG/CNG in Sweden Norway and Finland


2001 we constructed in cooperation with Hydro Gas & Chemicals, the first specially designed metering system for coolant media, CO2. The equipment is installed at truck stations where refrigerated vehicles, equipped with Thermo Kings coolers, can be filled up at the same time that diesel is fueled. The constructions are connected to existing card systems.

Due to changes of tax regulations for gasol, NPS Service also have renewed their sell of LPG dispensers.


2007 NPS Service AB is since january 2007, 100 % owned by the company City El A/S, located in Odense Denmark.


NPS Service AB has today 35 employees, our main office is in Gothenburg, a factory in Falkenberg and an office in Stockholm. The main buisness is contract service for all technical equipment in connection with fuel managing, for oil companies on their service stations nationwide. Other activitys are construction, building and repairing dispensers for petrol, diesel and biogas/natural gas.

Our strenght is customer adapted equipment.

NPS Service are closely connected with NPS Entreprenad AB, who are located in the same building and with a common administration. NPS Entreprenad main business is contractor work s.a. electrical and pipe installement.


NPS Service AB is a part of the Tatsuno group, concisting of companies from Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Tjech Republic, Russia and Sweden. The aim of the Tatsuno Group is  working for common marketing of each companys products, The companies have responsibility for a designed geografic area. The Tatsuno group will also assist in finding new and suitable partners to work from the wide product range that is offered. NPS Service is today responsible for the Scandinavian countries with sales also in the eastern market.