cng_cbg_dispenser.jpgBiogas-/natural gas dispensers


CNG/CBG Dispenser


NPS Gasdispenser is built with proven technology and systems reviewed and verified by ÅF. It can communicate with most commercially available systems. The dispenser is equipped with an approved temperature compensation according to SRV (SÄIFS 1998:5) and TSA06. Certified according to ATEX and PED.


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Reference Measurement and Preventive Maintenance



We are committed to ensure that dispensers provide the right amount of gas. We use a calibrated reference meter that continuously monitored by the Sveriges Provnings & Forskn.institut in Borås (S.P.) NPS also signed agreements to carry out annual preventative maintenance where we are replacing worn parts, makes leak checking and verifying the security features and update software. This can be combined with the reference measurement of the dispensers.