Vending CAT is a payment terminal
for card and mobile payments in self-service solutions


CAT means "Customer Activated Terminal", in Swedish"customer activation terminal"                vending

Vending CAT requires no PIN and transactions occur quickly.

Vending CAT is well proven and is built into all kinds of vending machines:

Coca-Cola vending machines, Carlsberg Beer and water vending machines,

soda, candy, sandwich, coffee machines, etc..

Vending CAT is now also further developed and are integrated as payment andaccess solution for:

Entertainment: Attraction Tickets

Parking: Control of the booms, parking evidence

Golf: Green fee Evidence and ball machines on the driving range

Car Wash: Maskinbiltvättar, DIY (Do It Yourself) washing and DIY workshops, etc.

With Vending CAT can accept debit cards, international credit card and mobile payment. (Not Sweden)


Read more in our product sheet                                                                                 

Productsheet Vending CAT (pdf)                                                                             Vending Golf